Money. Sex. Power. Erotic Hypnosis

They want you to “be a good girl, don’t make waves and be sure to smile!”

FUCK THAT! You’re never been one to play by the rules.

Let’s burn it down… and create a new game with sex, money and power!

The old way allows you to be a good girl, virginal wife, submissive, docile, people-pleasing, over-giving and accommodating woman.

Your sexual power, pleasure and wealth are the forbidden fruit since it threatens the status quo…

The old system is crumbling, now is the perfect time to upgrade and create your own way.

I am passionate about supporting women, LGBTQ folks, and sex workers to feel confident in your relationship with money, sex and power.

Now is the purr-fect time to transform old beliefs, wounds, trauma and subconscious programs that hold you back.

I am passionate about supporting thousands of women, LGBTQ folks and SWers to become FUCKING RICH, WEALTHY & POWERFUL!

Why? Because humanity is on a radically self-destructive path and I know in my bones that women having more power, authority and sovereignty can save humanity.

It’s time to reclaim POWER, SEXUAL PLEASURE and confidence with MONEY.

It’s your turn to be wildly wealthy and free to play, relax, create, make more money that you know what to do with and fuck who and how you please.

Reclaim your Power

4 weeks of Voice text & Text Support $1100

4 weeks of voice text & text on WhatsApp (M-Th 10am-5pm MST)

Reset deeply held patterns, fear, limiting beliefs and sabotage patterns with “on call” support to rewire your brain and nervous system for the business, life, sex, wealth, and power you desire.


Erotic Hypnosis Live Phone Session & Audio Journey Recording – $150

45 minute erotic hypnosis phone session + recording based on your current challenges and desires shared through a confidential intake form.

This is option is available for a limited time. Please note my SFW rate for consulting is $300 per hour.


Erotic Hypnosis Audio Journey Recording – $55

20 minute hypnosis audio journey recording based on your current challenges and desires shared through a confidential intake form.

If money is tight for you, the power, sex and money audio recording may be the best options for now. I tune into your Akashic Records as I create your hypnosis journey to install positive changes to your unconscious beliefs about money, sex, and power. One client that selected this option received a $500 tip the next day!

This is *not a live session.* I will send you a link to your recording within 10-14 days.

Custom content like this is usually a $120 minimum. I’m offering this price to help SWers and LGBTQ folks that are struggling yet know they’re ready for success with power-sex-money.


Please send tribute to one of these options: 

CashApp: $DominaSky

Venmo: DominaSky


Questions? DM on twitter

Who am I?

I am Domina Sky 😉

The short version of the story is:

My style is a combination of FemDom erotic hypnosis, akashic reading and energy medicine focused on liberating your life force energy to awakening your soul’s potential.

I have 3 decades of professional experience and training: yoga, nutrition, hypnosis, trauma-informed coaching, bodywork, NLP, energy medicine, blah blah blah, decades of experience, a shit-ton of training and tens of thousands of client hours and training practitioners in various modalities.

Personal: I am a FemDom and greedy slut that enjoys playing with power and human potential dynamics WAY OUTSIDE THE BOX of what’s acceptable in terms of power, sex, and money.

Wanna play?

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